Sustainable Brand – 100% made in Italy

Mario Fissi creates an ECOLOGICAL, SUSTAINABLE and NATURAL brand 100% Made in Italy.

A company based on history and tradition but with an eye to the future, has some important news which will be presented over the coming months. La Saponerie Mario Fissi will launch a new brand characterised by its name ‘Mario Fissi, Firenze 1937. Il sapone’.

‘This is a new project that focuses on soaps which have always been our product par excellence.’ explains Daniele Bedeschi, grandson of the founder and current CEO of the company. ‘There will be both product lines, solid and liquid, which will be designed principally to fulfil a market sensitive to preserving the future for the new generations where sustainable, ecological and natural are the founding pillars.

But the news that the Scandicci-based company is about to present does not end here. ‘With the contribution of our highly experienced in-house team, complimented by the recruitment of specialised individuals, we are diversifying towards the production of cosmetics and the creation of a laboratory to manufacture compactible products intended for private labels and to enrich our range of own-brand products’.

Hiring experienced, specialised professionals has allowed Mario Fissi to research and develop new formulas and related bio-certified processes. ‘We have developed, entirely on our own, a certified product line ‘Bio-made in Italy’ for both our cosmetics and our soaps.’ says Bedeschi. ‘News which will differentiate our private label and own-brand products.’

Fissi is active in the market, both in Italy and abroad, working with prestigious brands as a result of an acquisition made a few years ago.
‘In 2006’ says Bedeschi, ‘a family known to my grandparents had owned an important soap factory based in Sesto Fiorentino since 1894, Alighiero Campostrini. They turned to us for a supply of raw materials to complete their final deliveries before ceasing trading. I decided to acquire not only the business, but the history of this company: an important piece of history in our sector which I didn’t want to go missing. Enough to create an environment that houses the old machines and a museum.’

Alongside the historical recovery work, Bedeschi also took the cue for a marketing operation, utilising the prestigious brand he bought by commercialising it on a series of products branded ‘Alighiero Campostrini and La Florentina: high end home, cosmetic and gift collections.

Daniele Bedeschi, CEO